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Starting with a plain white window I drew the outline of a female face (shown below). Knowing my freehand skills are not the greatest I thought what can I do to make this look better? I tried a couple different things but nothing was what I was looking for. Then I tried a jewel tube that I had gotten from Mo of Mooregrafix and Design. I started with the hair and went from there. You may think it is not a very good image but I enjoyed creating it and think that Mo's jewels made it into a work of art. I also used the jewel tube (multijewel) to 'fill' the text. I placed the text on a new layer and leaving it selected I 'painted' it with the tube then applied an inner bevel and a glow (eyecandy). The background on this page was done using DCM's Jewels tube and Sandy Blairs simple filter "diamond".