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Plugin Commander Tutorial

Link Updated!!! 3/06/01

This is to show you how to download, install and use the Plugin Commander to convert filters from FFL format to 8BF format. Let me note here that the PiCo. apparently can be used for much more than just this, but for our purposes, and since I am new to this app too, those options will not be mentioned here. Ok here we go.....

First you will need to download the Plugin Commander. Go to this URL and click on the PiCo Logo:

The PlugIn Commander HQ



You will need to create a new folder to download the file into and you may need the System files. These are available on the same page as the PiCo program. Just follow the instructions on their download page to d/l and install PiCo.

Once you have downloaded the zip files unzip the PiCo into this same folder. Note where the folder is you will need to access it from explorer or the run command to run the program (It does not create a shortcut in your start menu).

Now to use the program you will of course need some filters to convert. Harry the Raver, the creator of PiCo has over 800 filters available on his page. Harry's filters are a MUST GET! He has got some awesome filters that none of us page designers should be without!

I downloaded the filter zip file to the same directory as my program commander is in, but this is up to you.

After you have downloaded and unzipped the filters you will see they all have the extension of FFL instead of 8BF, which is what PSP uses. Now launch the PiCo.exe program.

1. Locate Directory: This is the directory you unzipped the filters into. They are in one file with an FFL extension.

2. Highlight the FFL file: There is one ffl file for each filter group you have downloaded.

3. Choose Photoshop & Click "Convert To": Make sure the Photoshop format is selected (This should already be chosen, the program defaults to this setting (this is 8BF format)) then click on the "Convert To" button.

4. See the files after converted to 8BF: You should see the filters listed in the far right window all now converted to the 8BF format.

They are now ready to install into your PSP plugin directory for use in PSP. Note you will now have the original FFL file and all the 8BF files in the directory you unzipped the FFL file into. After you move or copy them into your PSP plugin directory you can delete the FFL file and the zip files.

There is much more this app can do. Unfortunately I do not know how to do any of it...yet! Maybe some other members will play with this program and give us all some more tutorials.

Also be sure to check out PiCo's message forum for lots of great tips and post your questions there too!

Thanks to Harry the Raver for your help and for a wonderful and powerful program! Send Harry comments and questions or suggestions. I am sure he would love to hear from you!