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I'm a Fire Spirit

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I have been offline for some time so this site is seriously outdated, a lot of the links are invalid and I have lost all my graphic sets and creations due to XOOM's demise but I am currently working on a major site update, so please forgive the mess. I hope to publish a brand new, better looking site soon.
Thanks for visiting my little corner.
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Ki-lin A mythical being of Chinese mythology, comparable
with the western unicorn. Ki-lin personifies
all that is good, pure, and peaceful. It lives
in paradise and only visits the world at the
birth of a wise philosopher. The Ki-Lin is
said to walk on earth and on water. It never
drinks or eats dirty food or water. The Chinese
unicorn never treads on smaller animals below
its feet nor does it ever harm another living
creature. The Ki-Lin is the emblem for
exquisite goodness, longevity, grandeur,
endless compassion and great wisdom. According
to Chinese mythology, at the birth of Confucius
a Ki-Lin appeared and Confucius died soon after
a Ki-Lin was killed, he believed that his
writings would not proceed from the omen of the
death of the Unicorn.

Which Chinese Mythological Being Are You?
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Border-Gap Tutorial (PSP5)
An easy workaround for those ugly gaps in border backgrounds.

Installing the Plugin Commander
Easy to follow with step by step images.

Using the Lasso Tool
 Learn to seperate an object from its background.

Levitation. Also known as telekinesis. Your power
allows you to move things with your mind. It's
a strong gift that with practice can move
things that are many times your own weight,
such as buildings or cars. In its begining
stages it isn't that impressive but with time
and effort you can be an undeniably dangerous

What is your magick power? (PICTURES!!!!!)
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.For my fellow PSPUG friends click here for the - These are the lace images Kathi was kind enough to scan for everyone.You can find TONS of other cool stuff on her site. There are also several other lace images added to this zip file courtesy of Charlie.
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My creative doodlings...

Ancient Worlds - A look at an interesting technique to create detailed ancient patterned type images. This reminded me of the Mayan Temples. 

Be-Jeweled - The result of trying a freehand sketch then painting the outline with jewels. Its very different and I kinda like it. Thanks to Mo for the wonderful jewel tubes I used.


Tree Trunk Image - My first Graphic From Scratch. This was literally hand drawn and colorized using various filters. You can also get this as a tube! Be sure to check out my tube page.

Bits N Pieces...

Tribute to my Daddy - Update! This link is no longer valid due to XOOM no longer existing. Unfortunately I had no backup and lost this heartfelt tribute, so in honor of my Dad I am leaving this bit of text so I will never forget it.

Awards - Thanks to those that took the time to make me a special award. I really cherish them. I am sorry I lost all of your URL's if one of the creators sees thiers please email me with your URL so I may link to you. Thanks!

Copyrights - My take on copyrights includes some excellent reference sites with in-depth info regarding copyright laws.

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