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The moment you have all been waiting for!!! Announcing the one and only Doodle Board!!!!

What is a Doodle Board you ask? Its fun, its creative, its something right out of your high school text books! (The front and back cover that is!) Remember when you were in school and sitting through those long boring classes? Remember all those 'doodles' you made on your books? Well here's the web version!

How does it work? It works better than just your ordinarl doodlings you did on your text books back in school. This board allows more than one person to 'doodle' on it, creating a collage of doodles and creative works from a talented group of people who just want to have fun!

Sound good so far? Read on to get all the colorful details. Here is out is works....

Due to the overwhelming response of participants the board(s) will be created as follows. The board(s) will start out as a 800X600 pixel blank image. This image will be passed to a random participant from the list  who will then create a 'doodle' on it, they in turn will pass it to another random participant who will repeat the process and so on and so forth until the board has been to 16 different participants, then a new board will be started and done the same way. In order to allow as much creative work space for each participant as possible and keep the overall image to a workable size the board was measured out and didvided into 16 150X150 pixel sections as illustrated below.

Image shown smaller than actual size of 800X600
This will give each participant an approximate work space of 150X150 pixels. This area can be slightly larger or smaller to allow for overlapping and blending for an image with a finished look. The only thing is,  a doodle board should not be so organized and planned out, so in order to create a nicely blended collage type image when its all finished, each participant should place thier contribution in a random area, maybe slighty askew. To get an abstract idea of what I mean take a look at the sample 2 image below.
Image shown smaller than actual size of 800X600
You can see this will make the Doodle Board much more interesting and allow a better blending of each participants creation. Depending on the final size of ech participants image and the amount of background space still left there is the possibility of one board allowing more than 16 participants. This is somthing that will have to be determined at a later time.

TO preserve image quality we ask that you keep the board in PNG format when editing and saving your work. You can still work in a layer if you have that option, but please do not convert the inage to another format, especially jpg, which will compress the image more and more each time and thus cause quality loss. We want to ensure each participants work looks as good as it did when they placed it on the image.

While we encourage overlapping of each doodle, please be respectful of other contributions and do not cover them in such as a way as it will detract from that portion of the board or alter thier work in any way. You must add your own unique doodle to the board when it is your turn.